There are three types to donate for the Way of Generosity: Directly into the donation pot, through transactions (10 % of fees) or through rewards (10 % of total rewards).

Direct donations

You can donate directly into the donation pot. Once an hour, the donation pot will be distributed to all verified accounts.

Donations through transactions

Each transaction costs transaction fees. Of this, 10 % will be donated to the donation pot.

Donations through rewards

Every hour, rewards are distributed as part of the cash supply. 10% of them are transferred to the donation pot.

How can I get my unconditional income?

Follow the Way of Generosity in social media. As soon as registration is possible, we will inform you. Stay in touch. Spread the vision.

How can I support the Way of Generosity?

There are many posibillities to support the Way of Generosity. You can find more here: