Functionality Network

The network of the Way of Generosity is organized as a directed acyclic graph that processes transactions according to the Proof of Generosity.

Proof of Generosity

The Proof of Generosity ensures, that transactions can be confirmed quickly and securely. Any account can do this automatically by donating, building trust in the network or knowing the entire transaction history of the network. In return, the accounts receive a reward for the work done.

Processing a transaction

First, the account sends an request for the amount to be transferred to the network. For this purpose, the amount is blocked in the account until the validity of the transaction has been confirmed. Other accounts near the account check the validity and pass this information to other accounts on the network. As long as the necessary number of validation points has not been reached, the transaction is unconfirmed.

Generosity Points

In each round, an account receives a part of the 1,000,000 available generosity points (GP) for various actions. After each round they are set to zero. Each the Way of Generosity supporting action from the previous round increases the score. A harmful action lowers the score.

Each account can provide a preliminary confirmation of a transaction. The more GP an account has, the more valuable is a confirmation. The average GP score of the last 100 turns is the value of an account. If an account does more actions supporting the Way of Generosity, it earns more trust and is requested by other accounts prioritized to confirm transactions.


For donations 700,000 Generosity Points are available. If a donation is transfered into the donation account, the sending account will receive as many points as the donation has a share in the total donation volume of a round. The higher the donation, the higher the score.


Trusted accounts can get 200,000 Generosity Points (GP) in total. If an account only confirms transactions that are really valid, it will receive a share of the GPs. The more valid transactions have been confirmed, the higher the share. An invalid transaction confirmation lowers the share.

Provision of a main account

There are 100,000 generosity points (GP) available to share between main accounts. If an account knows the entire transaction history of the network and not just a small part, like most accounts, it is a main account and receives a GP share.

How can I get my unconditional income?

Follow the Way of Generosity in social media. As soon as registration is possible, we will inform you. Stay in touch. Spread the vision.

How can I support the Way of Generosity?

There are many posibillities to support the Way of Generosity. You can find more here: