Identity check

In order to receive the unconditional income, you must be identified.

The audit is carried out by persons already verified. Participation in verifying others will be rewarded. The inquiries are processed sequentially.

How the identity check works

Depending on how many people are waiting for an audit, how many examiners are available and how the audit account is filled, the value of an identity check changes.

An examiner has the option of choosing the country of origin in the pool and then gets a request.

You must have a valid passport or identity card with you. Write the current date, “only for verification on wog.world” on a piece of paper and sign it. Now enter your data. It is stored encrypted. The system will now show you examiners in your area who are allowed to check your data and documents.

After the audit, the examiner scans a QR code with or enters a numeric code in his smartphone that appears on your smartphone. After that, he can indicate, if the data is correct or if it is not.

In total, you’ll be audited by six examiners. If at least six examiners confirm that your documents are valid, the examiners with the correct answer will receive their share of the value of the identity check.

When the check is complete, a unique ID is determined using one-way encryption with the following data: First name, last name, birthday and place of birth. This ID will be linked to your account. After that, the entered data will be deleted completely.

The audit must be repeated annually. A re-examination can be carried out three months before expiry of the authorization.

How can I get my unconditional income?

Follow the Way of Generosity in social media. As soon as registration is possible, we will inform you. Stay in touch. Spread the vision.

How can I support the Way of Generosity?

There are many posibillities to support the Way of Generosity. You can find more here: