Independent means, that no state, company, organization, group or person owns the Way of Generosity. It’s technologically decentralized, like the internet.

Why independent?

If nobody owns it, nobody can block, forbid or destroy it. Everybody can use the Way of Generosity for free.

What happens, if it is not independent?

Persons, groups, companies or states have an own purpose. So they will use their assets and their energy to fullfill this purpose. If they own the Way of Generosity, they won’t build or use it for everyone in the world.

How can I get my unconditional income?

Follow the Way of Generosity in social media. As soon as registration is possible, we will inform you. Stay in touch. Spread the vision.

How can I support the Way of Generosity?

There are many posibillities to support the Way of Generosity. You can find more here: