Unconditional means that absolutely every person, without time or space limitation, is entitled to use the way of generosity and earn an income.

Why unconditional?

If a gift is truly unconditional and no consideration is expected, it will be easier to accept. If everyone receives the same amount, no envy arises.

What happens, if there are conditions?

Any condition, no matter what nature it is, promotes envy and resentment. One of the biggest mistakes of previous basic income tests is, that they are not unconditional: Limited to one year, just for one city, only for jobseekers, only if other support is not given, etc.

Does everyone ìn the world get an unconditional income?

Yes. Every person, who completes the identity check, gets an unconditional income.

How can I get my unconditional income?

Follow the Way of Generosity in social media. As soon as registration is possible, we will inform you. Stay in touch. Spread the vision.

How can I support the Way of Generosity?

There are many posibillities to support the Way of Generosity. You can find more here: